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Since 2001, the Millersville Community-University Parade has featured a grand marshal. Grand marshal candidates are nominated based on their contributions to the Millersville community. The final selection is voted on by the Millersville Community-University Parade Committee. All grand marshal candidates must live or work in the Millersville area.

Parade Grand Marshals:

  • James C. Pontz (2017)
  • Catherine C. Glass (2016)
  • Dr. William B. McIlwaine (2015)
  • Richard M. Moriarty (2014)
  • Andrew T. Scheid (2013)
  • Dr. Francine G. McNairy (2012)
  • J. Phillip and Mary Ann Gerber (2011)
  • David W. Patterson (2010)
  • Ben Franklin Kauffman and Polly Kauffman (2009)
  • Judith and Ralph Anttonen (2008)
  • Lynette Trout (2007)
  • Steven A. DiGuiseppe (2006)
  • Harold "Skip" Rhodes (2005)
  • Dr. William H. Duncan and Dr. Joseph A. Caputo (2004)
  • Jim Eshelman (2003)
  • Dorothy Bender (2002)
  • John Herr (2001)

Nominating Instructions:

If you would like to nominate someone for grand marshal, please provide the nominee's name, address (to notify the nominee if he or she wins), and a letter describing the contributions this person has made to the Millersville community.

  • Be specific. Assume the committee knows nothing about this person.
  • Be brief. Try to keep the letter to one page or less.
  • Please type your letter if possible.
  • You may submit a photo of the nominee, but a photo is not necessary.
  • No groups may be nominated; individuals only.
  • No posthumous selections will be considered.

Mail nominations to the Millersville Community-University Parade.

Office of the Vice President for Advancement, Millersville University
PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Vice President for Advancement Office: (717) 871-7500    FAX: (717) 871-7977