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Since 2001, the Millersville Community Parade has featured a grand marshal. Grand marshal candidates are nominated based on their contributions to the Millersville community. The final selection is voted on by the Millersville Community Parade Committee. All grand marshal candidates must live or work in the Millersville area.

Parade Grand Marshals:

  • James C. Pontz (2017)
  • Catherine C. Glass (2016)
  • Dr. William B. McIlwaine (2015)
  • Richard M. Moriarty (2014)
  • Andrew T. Scheid (2013)
  • Dr. Francine G. McNairy (2012)
  • J. Phillip and Mary Ann Gerber (2011)
  • David W. Patterson (2010)
  • Ben Franklin Kauffman and Polly Kauffman (2009)
  • Judith and Ralph Anttonen (2008)
  • Lynette Trout (2007)
  • Steven A. DiGuiseppe (2006)
  • Harold "Skip" Rhodes (2005)
  • Dr. William H. Duncan and Dr. Joseph A. Caputo (2004)
  • Jim Eshelman (2003)
  • Dorothy Bender (2002)
  • John Herr (2001)

Nominating Instructions:

If you would like to nominate someone for grand marshal, please provide the nominee's name, address (to notify the nominee if he or she wins), and a letter describing the contributions this person has made to the Millersville community.

  • Be specific. Assume the committee knows nothing about this person.
  • Be brief. Try to keep the letter to one page or less.
  • Please type your letter if possible.
  • You may submit a photo of the nominee, but a photo is not necessary.
  • No groups may be nominated; individuals only.
  • No posthumous selections will be considered.

Mail nominations to the Millersville Community-University Parade.

Office of the Vice President for Advancement, Millersville University
PO Box 1002, Millersville, PA 17551-0302

Vice President for Advancement Office: (717) 871-7500    FAX: (717) 871-7977